After more than 20 years of rapid development, the Chinese automobile industry has attracted worldwide attention, with its production and sales volume ranking first in the world, as well as its car parc exceeding 200 million units. The automobile industry has become a pillar industry of the national economy. Through several years of efforts, Chinese indeginous car brands’ products competitiveness has been well cumulated and their market share which is constantly increasing has taken up 1/2 worldwide. In the field of new energy vehicles, the development of both complete vehicle and components and the exploration of business models are full of innovation.


In the future, China’s auto industry is entering a new era of the transition from a large automobile country to a powerful automobile country, accompanied by a new era of comprehensive industrial transformation. The global automotive industry has entered the era of major changes in electrification, low carbonization, light weight, intelligence, networking, and shared development. Countries are increasingly subject to stringent regulatory requirements. The Chinese market is under the pressure when the limit on foreign ownership of joint venture is relaxed and the vehicle import tax is reduced. The new situation has brought great impacts and challenges on China's auto industry, while it has given birth to tremendous opportunities for development.


As President Xi Jinping pointed out at this year’s conference of academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering: “Since the beginning of the 21st century, global scientific and technological innovation has entered an unprecedented intensive and active period. A new round of scientific and technological revolutions and industrial changes are reconstructing the global innovation and reshaping the global economic structure. Science and technology have never as profoundly affected the country’s future and destiny as it has today, and have never as profoundly affected the well-being of the people as it is today.”Technological innovation is also more powerful than ever to drive the transformation and revolution of China's auto industry. It is bound to be a powerful driving force for China's auto industry to achieve leapfrog development. Only through the strategic collaboration between components suppliers and automakers as well as active technological innovation to jointly create the core competitiveness of Chinese indeginous car brands , can seize a historic opportunity and cope with various challenges,so as to shape and enhance brand value, achieve sustainability andStrengthen the development. This is also the original intention of the Automotive Group of the Thousand People Project Experts Association in launching the China Automotive and Environment Innovation Forum in 2013. The forum has so far been successfully held for five times.


The Innovation Forum in China’s Auto and Supplier’s Industry, ranked as one of the most professional and influential forums. 2018 Auto and Environment Forum, will be based on the development target of Made in China (2025). With the theme of "Innovation-Driven, Technology-Leading," we will invite 100 government leaders, academicians, leaders of the society, executives of the company, experts of the "Thousand Talents Program", and experts in the industry to discuss the collaborative innovation and development of OEMs and components manufacturers in the auto industry, and create thetechnical development for product core competitiveness. In addition, the forum will include six parallel technical forums that will fully cover the research and discussion in the automotive industry technology field. It aims to further promote the exploration of technology development trends between automakersand components suppliers, , strengthen the interaction between experts in the automotive industry andenhance the communication among the Thousand Talents auto group, automakers and components suppliers, and build a cooperation platform to promote the transformation and upgrade of auto parts industry through activities, and build a more competitive and zero-collaborative innovative relationship to help realize the transformation to a strong automobile country.

  • 论坛特征 Features:-金沙j

    ● 行业规格最高、影响力最深远的中国汽车行业顶峰会议
    The most professional and influential industry summit conference
    ● 最威望的汽车行业生长意向和热点话题的互动钻研
    The most authoritative interactive seminar on the trend and ics of auto industry
    ● 全球化视角洞察中国汽车家当生长及产业布局
    Global perspective in examining auto industrial development and layout
    ● 主论坛+6大平行论坛 (新能源+智能网联+节能加排+新材料+主动驾驶+智能制造)
    Plenary Meeting+6Parallel forum(NEV+ICV+ESER+NMT+ADT+IMT)

  • 会议范围 Participants:-金沙j

    ● 150+ 行业指导、学会指导、院士
    Over 150 industry leaders, association leaders and academicians
    ● 200+ 汽车及相干行业“千人企图”威望专家
    Over 200 leading experts of "Thousand Talents Program"
    ● 1000+ 国内外业界嘉宾
    Over 1000 distinguished guests at home and abroad

  • 到场群体 Attendees List :-金沙国际5023

    ● 当局、行业协会威望专家,科研院校专家;15%
    Government department, industry association experts and experts in scientific institutes and colleges; 15%
    ● 整车厂及一级供应商的总裁/总经理,采购副总裁/采购总监/手艺研发院院长/总工程师;15%
    CEOs and managers from carmakers and tier one suppliers; leaders in procuring department; chief engineers; 15%-85058金沙
    ● 经销商集团董事长/总经理/采购本能机能模块负责人;15%
    Chairmen of dealerships; leaders in procuring department 15%
    ● 国内外零部件供应商总裁/总经理/副总裁,贸易拓展总监;25%
    Presidents of parts suppliers; business development directors; 25%-金沙j

    ● 第三方效劳供应商:金融投资机构,征询企业,软件/计划供应方,工业园区等;10%
    Third-party service providers: Financial investment institutions; consulting corporations, software suppliers, industry zones; 10%
    ● 汽车行业资深从业人员;
    Senior practitioners in auto industry;12%
    ● 各大高校相干专业学生。
    College students of relevant majors.8%

12月7日 上午 全体会议 立异驱动 手艺引领
On Dec. 7th, Morning: Plenary Meeting - Innovation-Driven, Technology-Leading
Chairman: Zheng Xu, Director of SAIC Passenger Car Technology Center, Distinguished Expert of National “Thousand Talents Plan”
08:45-09:30 开幕式:主持人致欢迎词并引见参会指导及嘉宾
Opening Ceremony: The Host Delivers Welcome Speech and Introduces the Participatant Leaders and Guests
09:30-10:00 主题演讲:中国汽车工业瞻望
ic: Prospect of China Automotive Industry
10:00-10:30 主题演讲:质量是中国汽车自立品牌的生命线
ic: Quality is the lifeblood of China's Independent Auto Brands
10:30-10:45 茶歇&合影
Tea break & Group photo
10:45-11:15 主题演讲:自立品牌周全兴起依托错位合作、产物力提拔
ic: The rise of independent brands depends on dislocation competition and product improvement
11:15-11:45 主题演讲:关于中国汽车家当中长期人材发展规划研讨几个问题的思索
ic: Reflections on Several Issues Concerning the Study of Medium and Long Term Talent Development Planning in China's Automobile Industry
11:45-12:15 主题演讲:技术创新取汽车强国
ic: Technological Innovation and Auto Power
12:15-13:30 午饭
12月7日 下昼 全体会议 立异驱动 手艺引领
On Dec. 7th, Afternoon: Plenary Meeting - Innovation-Driven, Technology-Leading
Chairman:Tina Zhou, Executive Director and CEO of Gasgoo
13:30-14:00 主题演讲:中国品牌减速从跟跑者背领跑者脚色改变
ic: Chinese brands accelerate their transformation from followers to runners
14:00-14:30 主题演讲:据守必胜信心 ,打造世界级中国品牌
ic: Stick to the belief of victory and build a world-class Chinese brand
14:30-15:00 主题演讲:汽车行业的迭代头脑
ic:Iterative thinking of the automotive industry
15:00-15:30 主题演讲:汽车AI退化之路
ic: Evolutionary Road of Automobile AI
15:30-15:45 茶歇
Tea break
15:45-16:15 主题演讲:中国汽车主动驾驶生长道路探究
ic: Exploration on the road of Autonomous Driving in China
16:15-16:45 主题演讲:汽车新材料及沉量化手艺瞻望
ic: Prospects for New Automotive Materials and Lightweight Technologies
16:45-17:15 主题演讲:助推智能制造,引领绿色将来
ic: Drive smart manufacturing and lead the green future
17:15-17:45 主题演讲:中国伶俐出行生长近况及远景
ic: China's Intelligent Travel Development Status and Prospects
17:45-18:45 圆桌议论:中国汽车家当技术创新途径讨论
ic: Discussion on the Technological Innovation Path of China's Automobile Industry
18:45-19:30 接待晚宴(仅限受邀嘉宾)
Welcome Banquet (Invited Guests Only)
20:00-22:00 国度“千人专家”闭门会议(仅限受邀嘉宾)
Night Working Conference of Experts from “Thousand Talents Plan” (Invited Guests Only)
12月8日 上午 平行论坛(一)新能源汽车技术讨论
Dec. 8th, Morning, Parallel forum (I) New Energy Vehicle Technology Forum
Chairman: Dr. William CAI,Founder & CTO of Jing-Jin Electric(JJE) , Deputy Director of the Special Committee on Innovative Entrepreneurship, “Thousand Talents Plan”
08:30-09:00 主题演讲: 吉祥汽车电动化的手艺道路取家当历程
ic: The technical route and industry process of Geely Automobile’s electro-technology
09:00-09:30 主题演讲:燃料电池汽车动力体系及其手艺应战
ic: Fuel Cell Vehicle Power System and Its Technical Challenges
09:30-10:00 主题演讲:电动汽车尺度及中国工况
ic: Electric Vehicle Standards and Operating Conditions in China
10:00-10:15 茶歇
Tea Break
10:15-10:45 主题演讲:新能源汽车国度监测取管理平台及其大数据剖析
ic: New Energy Vehicle National Monitoring and Management Platform and Its Big Data Analysis
10:45-11:15 主题演讲:驱动机电取电驱动总成近况取趋向
ic: Current Situation and Trend of Drive Motor and Electric Drive Assembly
11:15-11:45 主题演讲:耐热聚酰胺树脂PA9T正在汽车(露新能源车)部件的运用
ic: Application of Heat-resistant Polyamide Resin PA9T for Automotive (Including Eco-car)
11:45-12:30 圆桌议论:政策支撑取市场竞争—HEV、BEV、PHEV/REEV、FCEV
Round Table Discussion: Policy support and market competition - HEV, BEV, PHEV/REEV, FCEV
12:30-13:30 午饭 Lunch
12月8日 下昼 平行论坛(一)新能源汽车技术讨论
Dec. 8th, Afternoon , Parallel forum (I) New Energy Vehicle Technology Forum
Chairman: Dr. William CAI,Founder & CTO of Jing-Jin Electric ,Deputy Director of the Special Committee on Innovative Entrepreneurship, “Thousand Talents Plan”
13:30-14:00 主题演讲:天然气插电混淆动力体系及其碳排放结果
ic: Natural Gas Plug-In Hybrid System and Its Carbon Emission Effect
14:00-14:30 主题演讲:电动车充电设备近况及环球技术发展趋向
ic: Status of Electric Vehicle Charging Facilities and Global Technology Development Trends
14:30-15:00 主题演讲:车用动力电池家当近况和技术发展趋向
ic: The current situation and technology development trend of vehicle power battery industry
15:00-15:15 主题演讲:功率电子中心元件IGBT和SiC-MOSFET的产业化取运用
ic: Industrialization and Application of Power Electronics Core Components IGBT and SiC-MOSFET
15:15-15:45 茶歇
Tea Break
15:45-16:15 主题演讲:新能源汽车的制动体系取能量回馈
ic: New Energy Vehicle's Braking System and Energy Feedback
16:15-16:45 主题演讲: 电动车散布驱动取轮毂机电
ic: Electric vehicle distribution drive and hub motor
16:45-17:15 主题演讲: 机电控制器家当近况及环球发展趋势
ic: Motor Controller Industry Status and Global Development Trends
17:15-18:15 圆桌议论:“多合一”电驱动集成体系取中心零部件分立
Round Table Discussion: "All-in-one" electrical drive integrated system and core component separation
12月8日 上午 平行论坛(二)智能网联手艺讨论
Dec. 8th, Morning, Parallel Forum (II) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Forum
Chairman: Jianmin Gu, Valeo China CTO、Distinguished Expert of National “Thousand Talents Plan”
08:30-09:00 主题演讲:智能网联汽车体系根蒂根基平台建立对策
ic: The Countermeasure of Basic Platform Development for ICV System
09:00-09:30 主题演讲:广汽智能网联手艺及理论
ic: ICV Technology and Practice of GAC
09:30-10:00 主题演讲:V2X 白皮书解读
ic: V2X White Paper
10:00-10:15 茶歇
Tea Break
10:15-10:45 主题演讲:C-V2X 助力智能网联汽车生长
ic: C-V2X Empower Intelligent Connected Vehicle
10:45-11:15 主题演讲:智能网联汽车的实战履历取应战
ic: Experiences and Challenges of Connected and Automotive Vehicle
11:15-12:15 圆桌议论:车辆网联化的商业模式讨论
Round Table Discussion: Discussion on the Business Models of Connected Vehicles
12:15-13:30 午饭
12月8日 下昼 平行论坛(二) 智能网联手艺讨论
Dec. 8h, Afternoon, Parallel Forum (II) Intelligent Connected Vehicle Technology Forum
Chairman: Weiwen Deng,Dean of Beihang University Transportation Institute , Distinguished Expert of National “Thousand Talents Program”
13:30-14:00 主题演讲:智能网联汽车信息平安理论取生长
ic: Practice and Prospect of ICV Cybersecurity
14:00-14:30 主题演讲:我国汽车信息平安的尺度、法律法规近况及国度相干部门工作情况讲演
ic: Recent Development of the Standard Specification, Rules and Regulations for Automotive Cyber Security in China
14:30-15:00 主题演讲:车辆网关信息平安的研讨
ic: Study on Vehicle Gateway Cybersecurity
15:00-15:15 茶歇
Tea Break
15:15-15:45 主题演讲:网络安全和汽车网络
ic: Cyber Security and Automotive Networks
15:45-16:15 主题演讲:平安元件及黑盒手艺正在车联网中的运用
ic: Application of Safety Elements and White-box Techniques in Connected Vehicles
16:15-16:45 主题演讲:智能网联汽车信息平安应战取应对
ic: Challenges and Approaches for Intelligent & Connected Vehicle Security
16:45-17:45 圆桌议论:车载网络架构取信息平安
Round Table Discussion: Vehicle Network Architecture and Cyber Security
12月8日 上午 平行论坛(三)节能汽车技术讨论
Dec.8th , Morning, Parallel forum (III) Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology Forum
Chairman:Zheng Xu, Director of SAIC Passenger Car Technology Center, Distinguished Expert of National “Thousand Talents Plan”
08:30-09:00 主题谈话:中国品牌汽车生长近况及瞻望
ic: The Status and Prospect of the Development of Chinese Brand Automobiles
09:00-09:30 主题谈话:新四化下中国零部件家当的生长时机
ic: Under the New four modernizations China's auto- parts industry development opportunities
09:30-10:00 主题谈话:整车平台架构设想
ic: Vehicle platform architecture design
10:00-10:15 茶歇
Tea Break
10:15-10:45 主题谈话:国六排放法例实行及RDE计划
ic: National six emission regulations and RDE planning
10:45-11:15 主题谈话:应对第五阶段单积分政策的一些思索
ic:Reflections on Dealing with the Fifth Stage Double-Integral Policy
11:15-11:45 主题谈话: 整车可靠性技术发展
ic: Vehicle Reliability Technology Development
11:45-12:15 主题谈话:下品格噪声整车开辟
ic: High quality noise vehicle development
12:15-13:30 午饭
12月8日 下昼 平行论坛(三)节能汽车技术讨论
Dec. 8th, Afternoon, Parallel forum (III) Energy Saving and Emission Reduction Technology Forum
Chairman:Erliang Han, Executive Director of Chery Powertrain Technology Center, Distinguished Expert of National “Thousand Talents Plan”
13:30-14:00 主题谈话:大变局下的动力总成技术发展取结构
ic: Powertrain Technology Development and Layout under Great Change
14:00-14:30 主题谈话:混淆动力体系技术发展
ic:Hybrid System Technology Development
14:30-15:00 主题谈话:乘用车发动机节能加排手艺
ic: Passenger car engine energy-saving and emission reduction technology
15:00-15:30 主题谈话:内燃机50%热效率
ic: 50% thermal efficiency of Internal combustion engine
15:30-15:45 茶歇
Tea Break
15:45-16:15 主题谈话:涡轮增压手艺
ic: Turbocharged technology
16:15-16:45 主题谈话:乘用车主动变速箱手艺自立生长近况
ic: Current situation of independent development of automatic transmission technology for passenger cars
16:45-17:15 主题谈话:48V手艺近况及市场瞻望
ic:48V Technology Status and Market Outlook
17:15-18:15 圆桌议论:节能手艺途径生长讨论
Round Table Discussion: Discussion on Development of Energy-Reducing Technology Path
12月8日 上午 平行论坛(四)新材料手艺讨论
Dec. 8th, Morning, Parallel forum (IV) New Materials Technology Forum
Chairman: Fangwu Ma , Executive Dean, Qingdao Automotive Research Institute, Jilin University Distinguished Expert of National “Thousand Talents Plan”
08:30-09:00 主题演讲:先辈的下强度钢运用
ic: Advanced High-Strength Steels Application
09:00-09:30 主题演讲:半固态压铸手艺正在汽车沉量化上的运用
ic: Application of Semi-Solid Die Casting Technology in Automobile Lightweight
09:30-10:00 主题演讲:纳米衔接技术发展趋向及运用
ic: Nano connection technology development trend and application
10:00-10:15 茶歇
Tea Break
10:15-10:45 主题演讲:汽车沉量化多质料及工艺运用设想剖析综述
ic: Review of Automotive Lightweight Multi-material and Process Application Design Analysis
10:45-11:15 主题演讲:汽车用下机能铝合金正在汽车沉量化运用应战
ic: High Performance Aluminum Alloys for Automotive Applications in Automotive Lightweight Applications
11:15-11:45 主题演讲:碳纤维复合材料庞大外形构件制造的应战
ic: The Challenge of Fabricating Complex Shaped Components of Carbon Fiber Composites
11:45-12:30 圆桌议论: TBD
Round Table Discussion:TBD
12:30-13:30 午饭
12月8日 下昼 平行论坛(四)新材料手艺讨论
Dec.8th , Afternoon, Parallel forum (IV) New Materials Technology Forum
Chairman: Qiang Zhu,Chair Professor of South University of Science and Technology of China, Distinguished Expert of National “Thousand Talents Plan”
13:30-14:00 主题谈话:沉量化质料先辈造程开发及沉量化产物运用
ic: Lightweight Materials Advanced Process Development and Lightweight Product Applications
14:00-14:30 主题谈话:超高强钢差厚板热成型手艺
ic: Ultra-high-strength steel plate hot forming technology
14:30-15:00 主题谈话:中国汽车用下强度钢剖析及发展趋势研讨
ic: Research on the Analysis and Development Trend of High Strength Steel for Automobile in China
15:00-15:15 茶歇
Tea Break
15:15-15:45 主题谈话:先辈复合材料仿真取智能制造—多标准模仿取设备研发
ic: Advanced Composite Simulation and Intelligent Manufacturing - Multi-scale Simulation and Equipment Development
15:45-16:15 主题谈话:多孔质料正在汽车沉量化及 NVH 上的运用
ic: Porous Materials for Automotive Lightweight and NVH Applications
16:45-17:15 圆桌议论: 沉量化关键技术取应战
Round Table Discussion:Lightweight key technologies and challenges
12月8日 上午 平行论坛(五)主动驾驶手艺讨论
Dec. 8th, Morning, Parallel forum (V) Autonomous Driving Technology Forum
Chairman: Tinglun Song, Professor of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Distinguished Expert of National “Thousand Talents Program”
08:30-09:00 主题谈话:空、天、天信息融会手艺取特定工况下的主动驾驶
ic: Air, Sky and Ground Information Fusion Technology and Autonomous Driving under Specific Working Conditions
09:00-09:30 主题谈话:基于视频捕捉的要领,同时提取多车道上的行车轨迹数据
ic: Video capture based method for simultaneously extracting vehicle trajectory data on multiple lanes
09:30-10:00 主题谈话:低成本固态激光雷达手艺
ic: Low-cost solid-state LiDAR technology
10:00-10:15 茶歇
Tea Break
10:15-10:45 主题谈话:人机交互语音辨认手艺对汽车智能化的影响取鞭策
ic: The influence and promotion of human-computer interactive speech recognition technology on vehicle
10:45-11:15 主题谈话:英伟达AI超等计算机助力主动驾驶
ic:NVIDIA AI Supercomputer Drives Auilot
11:15-11:45 主题谈话:迈向主动驾驶的三大手艺支柱:感知、舆图和决议计划
ic: Three pillars of technology for autonomous driving: perception, maps, and decision-making
11:45-12:30 圆桌议论: TBD
Round Table Discussion:TBD
12:30-13:30 午饭
12月8日 下昼 平行论坛(五)主动驾驶手艺讨论
Dec. 8th, Afternoon, Parallel forum (V) Autonomous Driving Technology Forum
Chairman: Jie Bai, Professor of Tongji University, Distinguished Expert of National “Thousand Talents Program”
13:30-14:00 主题谈话:量产化主动驾驶手艺的系统安全和功用平安设想考证研讨
ic: Research on System Safety and Functional Safety Design Verification of Production Automated Driving Technology
14:00-14:30 主题谈话:波流传取无线网络计划手艺及其正在主动驾驶中的运用
ic:Wave propagation and radio networking planning technology and its applications in autonomous
14:30-15:00 主题谈话:主动驾驶取智能网联量产化道路
ic:Automated driving and smart network mass production route
15:00-15:30 主题谈话:接纳车间通讯(V2V)手艺提拔主动驾驶汽车安全性
ic: Using Workshop Communication (V2V) Technology to Improve the Safety of Self-Driving Cars
15:30-15:45 茶歇
Tea Break
15:45-16:15 主题谈话:主动驾驶硬件正在环仿真取测试手艺
ic:Auilot hardware-in-the-loop simulation and test technology
16:15-16:45 主题谈话:低速主动驾驶(全自动停车)考证的实验
ic: Attempts to verify low-speed automatic driving (full-automatic parking)
16:45-17:15 主题谈话:2020年ADAS环球市场规模将达百亿美圆级别 我们离主动驾驶另有多远?
ic: ADAS global market scale will reach 10 billion US dollars in 2020 How far are we from autonomous
17:15-18:15 主题谈话:智能驾驶辅佐体系产业化
ic: Industrialization of Intelligent Driving Assistance System
17:45-18:45 圆桌议论
12月8日 上午 平行论坛(六) 智能制造手艺讨论
Dec. 8th, Morning, Parallel Forum (VI) Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Forum
会议主席:宝沃(中国)汽车公司手艺专家、国度特聘专家,李奉珠 博士
Chairman: Dr. Li Fengzhu,Technical Expert of Borgward Automotive (China) and Distinguished Expert of National Program
08:30-09:00 主题谈话:当前国度智能制造相干政策、尺度及近况
ic: Current national intelligent manufacturing related policies, standards and status
09:00-09:30 主题谈话:智能化平台工场
ic: Intelligent platform factory
09:30-10:00 主题谈话:基于数字孪生的智能制造解决方案
ic: Digital Hygiene Based Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions
10:00-10:15 茶歇
Tea Break
10:15-10:45 主题谈话:绿色制造、智能制造及产业互联网
ic: Green Manufacturing, Smart Manufacturing and Industrial Internet
10:45-11:15 主题谈话:汽车智能制造的运用理论
ic: Application of Automobile Intelligent Manufacturing
11:15-11:45 主题谈话:智能制造的使能使能手艺、思索取理论。
ic: Intelligent Manufacturing Enabling and Enabling Technology, Thinking and Practice
11:45-12:30 圆桌议论: 智能制造对汽车制造业生长的影响取应战
Round Table Discussion:The Influence and Challenge of Intelligent Manufacturing on the Development of Auto Manufacturing Industry
12:30-13:30 午饭
12月8日 下昼 平行论坛(六) 智能制造手艺讨论
Dec. 8th, Afternoon, Parallel Forum (VI) Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Forum
会议主席:宝沃(中国)汽车公司手艺专家、国度特聘专家,李奉珠 博士
Chairman: Dr. Fengzhu Li ,Technical Expert of Borgward Automotive (China) and Distinguished Expert of National Program
13:30-14:00 主题谈话:绿色制造观点、观点、目的及理论绿色工场及绿色供给链评价系统
ic: Green Manufacturing Concepts, Concepts, Goals and Practice Green Factory and Green Supply Chain Evaluation System
14:00-14:30 主题谈话:绿色工场及绿色供给链评价系统
ic: Green factory and green supply chain evaluation system
14:30-15:00 主题谈话:绿色制造微量光滑手艺运用理论取思索
ic: Practice and Thinking of Application of Green Manufacturing Micro-lubrication Technology
15:00-15:15 茶歇
Tea Break
15:15-15:45 主题谈话:产业互联网政策、劈头、国家级及省级政策-扬帆起航
ic: Industrial Internet Policy, Origin, National and Provincial Policies - Set sail
15:45-16:15 主题谈话:当前国度产业互联网运用案例引见
ic: Current National Industrial Internet Application Case Introduction
16:15-16:45 主题谈话:国内外产业互联网平台近况、思索取理论
ic: Status quo, thinking and practice of industrial internet platforms at home and abroad
16:45-17:15 主题谈话:产业互联网的使能手艺
ic: Industrial Internet enabling technology
17:15-18:15 圆桌议论:绿色制造及产业互联网手艺取智能制造
Round Table Discussion: Green Manufacturing and Industrial Internet Technology and Intelligent Manufacturing